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Transhumanism, artwork by Jim Gennisson
Artwork by Jim Gennisson.

The story takes place in a world dominated by the machines in 2332. The L.V.T.H.N. project was initially developed for scientific purposes to emulate a human brain. Its progressive A.I. was compiled from the collective digitization of humain thought, which allow it to think and learn by itself, like a real humain. But L.V.T.H.N. has since surpassed mortal intelligence and is now out of control. Nobody can stop it, not even itself.

Combining pulsating, distorted leads that spiral and expand over jagged bass lines that cut like a knife – this is equal parts Dan Terminus hyperactivity with Perturbator's slow, crawling meditations upon rising motifs. With extra production assistance by Dynatron and special appearances by a couple friends, this is headed towards becoming the surprise retrosynth sleeper hit of the year.

With "Transhumanism", Tommy ’86 unvells a new side of himself and will not cease to surprise you in the future.

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Release date: October 28th, 2016
Label: Blood Music

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